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Alitalia to reboot with a significantly smaller fleet


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  • date : 20-03-30 10:39
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Rome, Italy - Italian government is planning to reboot the country's flag carrier Alitalia. The airline is expected to continue its operations with a remarkably smaller fleet in the coming months.

Alitalia will have only 25 to 30 aircraft in the fleet, according to the Ministry of Economic Development. The airline currently has 113 aircraft in its fleet. This means 75% of its planes will leave the fleet.

The government did not reveal yet what this meant for the 11,000 employees of the airline.

“Even if we acknowledge the serious crisis that the country is experiencing, a new Alitalia should be created with the idea of developing it and increasing its flights once the emergency is over,” the employee unions said in a joint statement.

According to the Italian government, 25 to 30 aircraft would only be the starting point. Alitalia won't expand its fleet until COVID-19 crisis, which hit the airline industry severely, is over.

(quoted from AirLiner Watch)